Premier Post

I contemplated for a long time what to write about in my first post. It’s such a tough decision because this is the initial introduction to me and my site. I read numerous other blogs in search of what the first post should look like. What I found was that almost all of them said to be true to yourself. So here I am, wondering what that means. But I just decided to jump in because if I didn’t I would keep debating what to write and never start. You see starting this process was scary, and because I am known for getting these really big ideas but either not knowing how to follow through with them or just being too cautious to start. So I made a deal with myself to stop being afraid of failing at things and just try, because every mistake and every failure is just a learning experience. After deliberation I decided that my first post should be true to me, and that means it’s going to be all over the place.


One of the biggest pieces of advice I read was to find your niche early on. I can’t do that, I’ve never been able to do that. I don’t have a “niche” per-say. I don’t like putting myself into a box, I hate feeling restricted by anything and this blog is no different. I thought to myself, what do I love? But the answer wasn’t so simple. I love writing and reading, but I also love travelling, fashion and beauty, art, my family and friends, food, and have a passion for talking about human rights and mental health. How do I narrow down all of these things I love and am passionate about? I didn’t feel like it was fair for me to restrict myself in such a way so I wondered how I could I create a space where I could write about everything?


This is the brainchild of that love and a desire to write something that people will actually read. I hope this is a space where anyone and everyone can find something and feel welcome. I want something I can be really proud of, something that shows the world who I am because I’ve hidden that away for so long. Sometimes my postings will be a raw and honest look into my life, and sometimes they will be fun DIYs. Isn’t that such a beautiful analogy for life?


In short, I wanted this first post to be an introductory one. One where you can get a feel for my writing voice and style, one where you can see what I’m all about, and one where you can decide whether or not I have something to offer you. I hope any of you reading can bear with me while I dive head first into this new and exciting journey. I’m always open to tips, tricks, and suggestions that anyone may offer to me as well!


I look forward to putting some of my work out there and connecting with as many as I can. Look out for my posts every Saturday!